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The Wearable Snore Reducer

introduces  DreamClip – a wearable device that gently and naturally reduces your snoring by tracking and adjusting your sleeping position. It will help you improve not only your sleep, but also has positive impact on the relationship with your partner, as your snoring levels will no longer bother the person sleeping next to you. 

Comfort. Style. Relaxation

     Our DreamClip is the right choice for you if:

  • You are snoring and want to sleep better or want to bring your partner back in the room
  • Your partner or someone in your household is snoring and you want to reduce the disturbing noise at night
  • You or the snoring person are sleeping mostly on your back
  • You do not have a medically proven disorder (we are not offering a medical device that heals medical conditions)


How does it work?

Our lifestyle wearable device is here to help you reduce the level of snoring in your bedroom while using the methods of positional therapy and allows you and your partner to enjoy good quality of sleep every night forward.

It is scientifically proven that sleeping on your side reduces snoring.

Elizabeth & Teo

– “OMG! This product is what I was craving for all this time! Stylish in all ways and helps me and my partner sleep finally uninterruptedly together… I am so happy with this purchase and she is thrilled I am using it too!”

– “I have started giving up he can stop snoring one day… until NOW! Thanks to repose I can finally sleep well in the same bed as my partner without waking up or hearing any noise at all…”

Get the best experience with the App

  • Track your sleep time
  • Review your sleep cycle
  • Analysis of position, turns and frequency
  • Fine-tune vibration levels
  • Delayed start of clip functionalities to enjoy some laying back time, e.g. while reading a book

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  • $ 169 for 2
  • $ 179 for 2 + gift

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30-day money back guarantee on every product that we sell. 

If our DreamClip doesn’t meet your expectations, simply send it back to us for a full refund.

Our DreamClip is the ideal solution for your snoring partner, which will help them change their body position upon gentle vibration while sleeping with no intervention and will not bother your sleeping close next to them. On the other hand, the proactive positional therapy helps them learn better sleep habits and allows the couple to fall asleep easily and wake up naturally and refreshed.

Sleep Might Not Be Everything, However, Everything Is Nothing Without Sleep

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Our lifestyle wearable rePose device is here to help you reduce the level of snoring in your bedroom and to allow you and your partner to enjoy good quality of sleep every night forward. Are you ready to start your healthy journey with us NOW?

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